Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do the Weather Hokey-Pokey!

Wait! I thought Spring had sprung!
Old Man Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit this year. As I told you before, it's been a very warm winter... Until today! It is 29°F as I write this at around 10:30pm, with a very cold, biting wind out there. According to the Weather Channel, it feels like 21° with the wind chill.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Laying Out the Details

My Section
Today, I thought I would focus on how I plan to use my 4' x 4' section of the family garden bed. In Square Foot Gardening, you space your plants based on the recommended spacing for the plant type, only in a grid pattern instead of a single row. So, for instance, if the planting instructions say to thin to 6 inches apart in rows that are 3-4 feet apart, you ignore the part about the row spacing, and plant in a grid, where the plants are six inches apart laterally and six inches apart front-to-back. Also, to do things the true SFG way, you would set up a physical grid as a guide. (It's also ornamental.)